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Release: Nov 30, 2009 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
No year passes by without some movie seeing itself as a parody of current cinema productions. The Wayans-brothers, who had made a huge success with Scary Movie in 200, have tried to milk this idea since then, and other movie makers jumped on the band wagon and obviously, the concept still works. Dance Flick, though, that (more or less) flaterringly commends not only several dance movies, but also Twilight or David Hasselhoff, just grossed the production costs.

So the DVD will have to do it, and accordingly gets marketed as an Unrated-Version, like all other movies of its genre. The additional scenes could be deleted scenes, whether they are too risky to keep the PG-13-Rating (for crude and sexual content throughout, and language) in movie theaters is not clear, but it doesn't have to. The extensions surely do not improve the movie, and the work is a total failure at any times.

Contrary to the information of many reviews, that the US-DVD only featured the longer Unrated cut, the PG-13 version very well is contained.

The Theatrical Cut (PG-13) has been compared to the Unrated Version (both contained on the US-DVD by Paramount).

6 additional scenes = 375,16 Sec. resp. approx. 6 minutes 16 Seconds
Additional scene
0:04:56: A guy does funny dancing moves. Thomas asks A-Con why the audience celebrated him so much. He responds that the guy was a director, and everything he did was being awesome. He keeps on jumping about and shouts: "Yeah! That's my movie!"
29,32 Sec.

Additional scene
0:13:53: While Megan is being calmed by her father in the PG-13 version concerning the condition of the flat, the Unrated version features him showing her "her" area, where of course first of all some of the fuses bust. But he assures her that he is going to make it comfortable for her. Extraordinarily funny, how, after he has slammed a door, a piece of plaster drops on his head.

Then, there is an additional, new scene. Megan awake the next morning on the couch and sees the booth misses any sort of hygienic standards (cockroaches etc.). So, what do you do? Of course, you first bow out of the window to trill a little song and, just as in a fairytale by the Brothers Grimm, the cockroaches, a cat, several rats, a pigeon and a crack addict are game. Megan orders them all to whip the apartment into shape and then continues singing. Because the entire scene has already been so realistic and humorous, it is only consistent that the animals have their own mind and leave some commentary. But first things first:
Cockroach: "Clean up your own shit, he!"
Rat: "Kiss my furry A-Hole!"
Pigeon: "This bitch can't sing, I'm outta here."
Crackhead: "Word!"
Several items fly toward Megan and she looks...
102,56 Sec.

Additional scene
0:15:50:Thomas meets A-Con and asks him, whether he was going to school. A-Con very clearly says that he didn't take any stock in this, there were only losers with hopes and dreams running around, he'd rather go to jail. Besides, he was only one crime away from prison, and he somehow looks forward to what expects him there, e.g. the showers. Thomas responds that he didn't think this was good but A-Con says that he needed to go to the bank now, pulls his hat above his face and gets in a car. Thomas should tell his mother that A-Con would drop by for a piece of cake, though.
50,96 Sec.

Additional scene
0:37:32: The little boy of course disturbs his mother dancing, so she hands him in at the cloakroom.
20,36 Sec.

Additional scene
0:42:34: In the Unrated, there is a "parody" of David Hasselhoff, having been filmed by his daughter while he dead drunk tried to eat a burger lying on the ground. Megan does that with her Dad, too, but here, it's a little more vulgar, because as she tries to get her father to promise her not to drink any more alcohol, he throws up on the ground and dips the burger in it. Then he sits up and vomits towards the camera.
75,92 Sec.

Additional scene
0:52:39: Megan leads Thomas into her appartment and says that her father was out to work the whole night. In the following, she tries to make several hints that she wants to go to bed with him, but he misunderstands every time. Finally she voices it and he asks why she didn't say that in the first place. She answers that she is a little shy.
96,04 Sec.

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