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  • BBFC 12
  • German VHS
Release: Jan 18, 2010 - Author: Alan Smithee - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
7 cuts = 22 Sec.
To obtain a BBFC 12-Rating the old UK-Version had to be cut slightly. This concerns the old VHS as well as the old DVD. The Ulitmate Edition DVD is uncut and rated BBFC 15.
James Bond is held by Xenia Onatopp. Natalya Simonova swings a branch and tries to hit Xenia with it but is blocked by her. Xenia grabs Natalyas neck and gives her a head butt. Natalya falls to the ground.
( 10 Sec. )

Alec Trevelyan gives Bond a head butt and grabs his throat.
( 2 Sec. )

Alec Trevelyan gives Bond another head butt. When Alec Trevelyan tries to hit Bond he parries and grabs Trevelyans arm.
( 6 Sec. )

Bond takes another head butt.
( 0.5 Sec. )

( 0.5 Sec. )

Once again.
( 0.5 Sec. )

Now James Bond headbutts Alec Trevelyan right back.
( 2 Sec. )

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